• Jim’s Wild Condiments

    packaging, branding
  • Ofrenda

    packaging, branding 
  • Insectonomy

    Coming soon.  
    app development, UX, UI
  • Ama Isobue

    Ama Isobue is repositioning themselves as an elite baroque pearl jeweller. It is artisanal touch paired with luxury, it's as much beautiful tradition as it is quirky Japanese. The complete package of stationary, inaugural look-book,logo, layout and brand story.

    photography credit: Fosco Maraini, all photographs used to show layout
    suminagashi credited to the original artist
    branding, layout, baroque pearls, student work, fictional
  • Normalize Different

    Autism can be a mystery to the afflicted, the public, and medical professionals alike. Being a multi-faceted spectrum disorder, many symptoms affect autistic people. One of these symptoms is sensory overload, this hyper sensitivity to sight and sound can result in the individual becoming overwhelmed. As a result certain reactions like stimming (repetitive motion/behaviour), can occur. This is the autistic brain attempting to filter or organize this information influx. This fact inspired this entire project.

    social cause campaign, UX, UI, web, app development, interactive TSA, branding