• Reclining Decliner

    This piece is inspired by the quote "Everyone in Rome got fat before the great empire fell.", and is intended to be a commentary on North America's increase in obesity and simultaneous decrease in infrastructure.
  • Annual Report

    In this annual report for Sierra Club I married my illustration style with statistics to create compelling data visualizations. The animals illustrated were carefully researched to make sure the Sierra Club has had contact with the animals shown. Green was to represent successful species rehabilitation and red was a signifier of an animal in need of assistance. Student work.
  • Butterfly Kisses

    A visual pun with the phrase butterfly kiss in two separate colour ways.
  • The Pool

    These works are from a children's book I wrote and illustrated called The Pool. Retail link available soon.
  • Perception

    This series was illustrated for a mental health campaign. Featured are three common illnesses: depression, bulemia and manic depression.
  • Wisdom For Sale

    Triptych series of illustrations for the Indian folktale called "Wisdom For Sale". It is about a young, orphaned boy who uses his quick wit and entrepreneurial spirit to work his way to being the king's advisor.